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Our Complete Pharmacy Services

Dedicated to providing personalized pharmacy solutions to Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Group Homes, and Treatment Facilities.


Medication Dispensing Systems

Select Care Pharmacy will work with you to create a customized dispensing system to meet your communities individual needs.  We have the ability to pack and bill medications in multiple ways.

  • Blister packs

  • Multi-Dose blister packs

  • Opti-Pak

  • SureMed blister packs

  • Standard prescription bottles

We provide customized med carts and automated dispensing cabinets or emergency E-kits if permitted.

Our medication dispensing systems are tailored to cost control and time reduction so for your nursing team can the time to your residents deserve.

We pride ourselves in offering an In-house Cycle Assist for your community.

Our Pharmacy team comes to your facility to help your team with cycles. Ask us to learn more about our one-of-a-kind In-house Cycle Assist program.

Billing Services

Our goal is to reduce/eliminate phone calls to the community concerning your residents bill while maintaining the bottom line. Select Care Pharmacy has in-house billing service team that directly takes care of all our residents billing needs and questions.

Our billing services include: 

  • Accurate billing from day 1

  • Computerized billing including Medicare, Medicaid, and most private and third party insurances

Most of all, for our skilled nursing communities, our split billing process ensures you only pay for covered Medicare days. 

Stethoscope and calculator. Concept of health care costs or medical insurance.jpg

With our valued team committed to efficient and effective cost control procedures in billing services, we save our communities thousands of dollars annually.

Medication Records

Select Care's state-of-the-art computer system enables us to interface with any EHR partner. The real time flow of data our computer system has ensures that our clients have the most current record and medication available at all-times. 

Our printable records are customizable and include:

  • Physician order forms

  • Medication administration records

  • Medication order forms

  • Drug counseling messages

  • Antibiotic usage lists for infection control


In addition our electronic records provide a continually monitored all-important patient profile for each resident.

Select Care Pharmacy tailors medication records to each facilities needs.

Learn how our pharmacy can customize your resident medication records to save you valued time.

Delivery Services

Timely delivery of medication is essential in long term healthcare, and at Select Care Pharmacy, we are committed to providing efficient and reliable delivery services. With our years of experience and professional drivers, we can ensure that your medication is delivered safely and on time, every time.


Our team is available around the clock, every day, to assist with any last minute or emergency pharmaceutical needs your resident has. Whatever your facility needs delivered, we have you covered. 

Our committed team strives to make sure no resident will ever miss a dose of essential medication under our care.

suremed inside_edited.jpg

We are fully committed to your residents.
The right medication, to the right patient, at the right time

Pharmacy Consultation & Reviews

Select Care Pharmacy's management program includes consultation and reviews on all programs. With our highly trained consultant pharmacists, we strive help you community reach zero medication related deficiencies.

  • Consulting and reviews are scheduled

  • Chart reviews done by trained pharmacist

  • Med room inspections

  • Med-pass observation

  • Quality improvement committee

  • Scheduled Med Tech training available

Our mission in pharmacy consultation is the elimination of medication errors and a more efficient use of your caregivers' time.

Pharmacy consulting service that's personal, not just transactional.

Learn more about our prized pharmacy consulting service program.

Types of Facilities We Service

Want to experience the difference with us?

Learn how we build meaningful relationships with our communities like no one else.

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